10 Video Marketing Stats That Prove It’s Worth the Investment

Will videos help us improve brand awareness, lead generation, and customer acquisition? Yes. And these video marketing stats show it’s a worthy investment.

It’s hard to deny video marketing’s potential. But even if you recognize the incredible benefits of video, something might still be holding you back from fully embracing it for your marketing campaigns.

Perhaps you’re dealing with a fear of the unknown since you’re new to video and unsure how to effectively integrate this content into existing marketing strategies. And because you don’t have in-house expertise, you’re worried about the cost of producing high-quality videos with a video marketing agency.

All of these concerns are legit. You’re right to question whether or not the financial investment in video marketing will lead to sufficient returns in terms of increased brand awareness, lead generation, and customer acquisition.

Here are some video marketing stats to ease your concerns and show just how worthy an investment video can be.

Video Marketing Drives Brand Awareness

increasing brand awareness

87% of marketers claimed that video is an effective tool for increasing brand awareness.

Achieving your marketing growth objectives begins early on in the buyer’s journey. Video is the most effective tool for driving brand awareness because it helps you build a strong market presence and increase visibility with potential customers. Incorporating compelling visual, auditory, and storytelling elements, video content will leave a memorable and lasting impression.

consumers want branded video content

91% of consumers want to see more online video content from brands.

The demand for video content has never been higher. A few years ago, your audience would have been pleasantly surprised by video, but now they expect it. Video has quickly climbed the ranks as the most shareable and engaging content. Done right, you’ll capture and hold your audience’s attention to convey your key messages.

brand trust

93% of B2B buyers say video is important for building trust in a brand.

With video, you’re putting a face to your brand. It gives you the opportunity to speak directly with your audience and create the authentic connection needed to build trust in your organization. It’s an unbeatable way to show your audience that behind your business is a group of highly capable and experienced individuals who are ready to solve their problems.

Video Marketing Strengthens Lead Generation Efforts

shareable content

People are twice as likely to share video content over any other type of content.

No matter how well-crafted your website pages, blogs, or downloadable content are, some people just won’t be receptive. Video is the next best thing to a face-to-face conversation, which is why people appreciate it. Because of the interactive nature of video, you’ll pique your audience’s interest and engage with them in ways that are more likely to get a response.

increase traffic to website

Articles with at least one video receive double the page views.

Video content grabs your website visitors’ attention, meaning your audience will stay on your website longer. This heightened level of attention gives you more opportunities to communicate your key messages. Increased page views also boost your SEO stats by helping you rank higher on Google for the keywords you’re targeting.

lower bounce rate

The bounce rate for video blogs is 34% lower than the rest of the site on average.

Bounce rate is a critical marketing metric to analyze for lead generation efforts. If your content doesn’t strike a balance between being inviting and informative, you will lose potential customers. By making a static blog dynamic with visually appealing video content, your prospects are more likely to stick around and stay tuned into your message.

Video Marketing Increases Customer Acquisition

conversion marketing

93% of marketers have found that video converts the same or better than other forms of content.

You could have a rock-solid roster of sales and marketing content, but if you’re ignoring video, you’re missing a major opportunity to seal the deal. Creating a strong video marketing strategy helps you supercharge the content and processes you already have in place by giving you a more dynamic way to interact with your audience.

importance of video

89% of people say watching a video has convinced them to buy a product or service.

You may have noticed that your current marketing efforts aren’t yielding the desired results in terms of engagement, lead generation, or conversions. Video can be a fresh and much-needed addition to drive better campaign outcomes. Video content has a better chance of resonating with your target audience and doing a better job of enticing them to purchase your solution.

video success

42% of organizations say that assisting sales cycle conversions is a key indicator of video success.

Marketing isn’t the only department that will leverage video content—it’s a valuable asset that your sales team can use continually to grow revenue. Video is a highly lucrative opportunity for sales and marketing to work together to generate content tailored to every stage of the sales funnel and improve conversion rates.

sales videos

32% of companies use video marketing for sales.

More and more organizations are producing videos than ever before, but still, only a small percentage are actually leveraging videos in the sales cycle. This channel is wide open, especially in the B2B space, making videos a great opportunity to differentiate yourself, stay ahead of the competition, and meet your audience’s increasing demand for video content.

video marketing strategy guide

Video Marketing Is Worth It as Long as You’re Strategic

Hopefully, these video marketing stats provided one major takeaway: Video is clearly one of the best growth marketing strategies out there.

As great as video is, it can also be intimidating, time-consuming, and expensive.

While it’s worth the investment when executed skillfully, too often organizations don’t map out their video marketing efforts intentionally. This misstep leads to poor-performing content and wasted resources.

The investment in video marketing is totally worth it for your organization, as long as you have a content strategy behind it. Download our video marketing guide to learn how to turn your videos into smart investments.

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