Emerge from the Sea of Sameness

Generic content is flooding the Internet. Video is your chance to rise above.

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Your message shouldn’t drift along, it should make waves

Generic content won’t help someone understand your organization’s unique value or leave a lasting impression. But authentic communication will.

When you’re willing to put yourself out there—exuding confidence and passion while sharing your expertise and experiences—that builds trust and connection with your audience.

Video is the next best thing to a face-to-face conversation.

It’s genuine, not generic. It’s an opportunity to deepen relationships and differentiate in a Sea of Sameness.

Differentiating videos we produce​:

“Superneat is second to none at telling complex stories through incredible videos.”

Even the most abstract product stories become easily digestible with a well-appointed explainer video. We help you communicate the vision with our expert storytelling skills.

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Why Superneat?

Creative Development

Creativity eats generic content-chum for breakfast. We develop fresh concepts and thought-provoking scripts to tell your story.

Cinematic Production

Every video is a voyage worth taking. We combine strategic narratives with stunning cinematography to capture your audience’s attention.

Expert Direction

There’s no need to clam up on camera. With expert direction throughout the production process, we’ll bring out the best in your team.

Business Purpose

Our content strategy ensures that every video serves a business porpoise and inspires your audience to take the desired action.

Marketing Expertise

Combining our expertise as content marketers and video producers means we know how to create high-quality video content at scale.

Flexible Production

We bring our crew to you or produce videos with remote tech. Beaches are preferred, but your windowless basement home office is okay too.

Examples of the differentiating videos we produce

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We get weird in Austin

We combined a 2-day marketing video shoot with team-building at “Keep Collectiv Weird” in Austin to create a 6-month video stockpile for marketing and recruiting campaigns.

Team Event

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Do you like my office?

For a recruiting campaign, we highlighted Collectiv’s 100% remote workforce perk with a “Do you like my office?” skit in Cancun—the Collectiv team had a ball creating this video.

Company Culture

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Saving precious dev time

This snappy explainer shows how MediaFlows saves developers’ time by equipping non-technical teams with no-code tools that quicken and enhance visual media workflows.


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Hackers hack Booking.com

We helped Salt Security create a visual overview of how the Salt Labs researchers were able to hijack the OAuth login process at Booking.com.

Thought Leadership

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Startup founders get real

Our Founder Insights series featured 15 startup founders speaking candidly about the highs and lows of the entrepreneurial journey and how Elevate Capital supported their missions.


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YouTube trailer with bloopers

We made Skypoint’s YouTube community even stronger with a welcoming trailer from their thought leadership team that included bloopers at the end for a fun finish.

Brand Video

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Original thought with a new thought leadership team

We launched Skypoint’s video marketing efforts by building their thought leadership team and content strategy so they could continually educate and engage with their community.

Remote Thought Leadership

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Crisp and consistent knowledge-sharing

Salt Security was producing marketing videos in-house and came to us to step up the production quality for all of their talking-head videos.

Remote Thought Leadership

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Multi-pronged social proof strategy

For social proof, our multi-pronged strategy for DocVocate included a full-length case study (video + written), custom graphics, and three social media clips.

Remote Testimonial

How to wield our video powers​

When we produce videos together, you gain our marketing expertise, human creativity, and watertight production methods.


Need help figuring out the best approach? We’ll share our killer video marketing strategy that covers everything from selecting cool topics for your audience to deciding on the right video format and distribution channels for hitting your goals.


If you’ve got a knack for creativity, we’ll have a blast collaborating. And if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, we’ve got you. Our motley crew brings formidable creative backgrounds, so we add plenty of flavor to your video content.


Video production seems chaotic. But since we’ve produced hundreds of videos in every possible format, our processes are super dialed. You’ll be shocked by how easy it is to go from the video concept phase to a beautifully finished deliverable.

Don’t let your brand get washed away

We’ve been helping teams like yours build standout brands since 2017. Ready to emerge from the Sea of Sameness?