Frequently Asked Questions

You’re thinking about teaming up with Superneat, but you’re pondering a few things. These FAQs will help you navigate as you explore the possibility of working with us.

Video Marketing FAQs

No worries. We’ve worked with teams all across the comfort spectrum with video. We have a solid process for making every person look and feel their best during the shoot.

This is largely thanks to our pre-production strategy. There are no surprises on shoot day. On-camera talent knows exactly what they’re going to talk about. They’re also equipped with the best practices they need to grasp beforehand for a strong delivery in front of the camera.

Our live content and technical direction are typically what our clients rave about. As one of our clients said, “It’s not just awkwardly sweating in a chair in front of a camera.” We make the recording session feel as conversational and comfortable as possible and provide plenty of feedback to ensure every person gets the best take.

Absolutely! We’ll help you decide on the best video format, nail down the angle you take on a video topic, and/or provide questions to capture the best responses.

Whether we’re working with your subject matter experts or customers, we’re highly skilled at translating their knowledge and experiences into engaging videos.

If you’re making an investment in video, we want to make sure that people actually find and enjoy your videos.

Optimization and distribution are already baked into our post-production strategy. We provide thumbnails, titles, and descriptions that are fully optimized for YouTube. We also deliver high-quality videos that are custom-formatted for a variety of marketing channels—whether that’s your website, landing page, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

Equipment requirements depend on the type of video shoot we’re doing together:

For on-location video shoots, we’ll take care of all of the video equipment. Lighting, cameras, and microphones are covered. Additionally, if you want a highly cinematic style, we can bring a drone and a licensed drone pilot.

For remote video shoots, our clients use recording devices they already have, like their smartphones or webcams. If you have professional video equipment available, we’ll help you set it up to capture the best footage possible.

Yes! We’ve done on-location and remote shoots all over the world. We have clients anywhere from Chicago to Tel Aviv, so traveling and time zone differences are no biggie for us.

A ton of videos may seem daunting for your team, but these ambitious projects are where we really shine at Superneat.

We’re very comfortable leading large-scale video marketing projects in the most efficient way possible. We’ve done multiple projects where we delivered 40+ videos from a 2-day shoot.

Scalability and repurposing are ever-present in our content strategy. We love helping you get the most mileage out of every minute of footage we capture and keeping the entire process manageable and fun.

Watch video for an overview of our video production process.

Watch video for an overview of our remote video production process.