6 Signs It’s Time to Work With a Video Marketing Agency

In the camp of “we can’t do video?” A video marketing agency will swoop in with strategic guidance and creative support if you’re struggling.

Why do people buy products or services? 89% said that watching a video convinced them to make a purchase.

There’s no denying that video content is the most effective type of content that you can produce. It’s great for showcasing your solutions, thought leadership, and customer stories. It’s also eye-catching, entertaining, and humanizing for your brand.

So, why aren’t more organizations doing video marketing? Well…

  • 30% of people lack the time to create video content.
  • 18% of people don’t know where to start with creating video content.
  • 10% of people are unable to convince key decision-makers of the need to invest in video.
  • 10% of people feel that video is too expensive.

If you’re in the camp of “we can’t do video,” I’m here to tell you that you can do video marketing with the right strategic guidance and creative support.

Your DIY Videos Are a Hot Mess

During the pandemic, we all got used to communicating remotely on camera during endless video meetings. Just because your team knows how to be on a Google Meet or Microsoft Teams video call doesn’t mean they’ll be able to produce a decent marketing video.

Many organizations struggle to keep content consistent across all of their videos because they decide to go the DIY route.

Asking your subject matter expert (SME) to record a quick off-the-cuff video with their smartphone is a recipe for disaster. The output will be a hot mess, and your SME will be a wreck when that video is shared on all of your marketing channels. If they go missing, you’ll find them lying in the fetal position under their desk.

Instead of producing videos on your own, outsource your video marketing to an agency that has both the creative and technical chops to deliver high-quality content.

Video marketing experts will direct your SME so they look and sound their best, and record the best content possible. Then they’ll produce a polished video that aligns beautifully with your branding and fits right into your most important marketing campaigns.

Your Video Budget Needs to Go Far

Growing organizations usually have to make a small budget go a looooooooooong way. Video is more expensive to produce than other content, so cutting costs without sacrificing quality can be tricky. But again, as we just discussed, DIY videos are not the solution.

While it may seem counterintuitive, outsourcing your video marketing is actually way more cost-effective than producing videos on your own.

  • Purchasing video production equipment and editing software is a major investment. And, it won’t get a lot of usage if you’re not cranking out videos on a regular basis.
  • Having an entire in-house video production team on the payroll is super costly. It’s also unrealistic as most of these creatives are freelancers and solopreneurs.
  • Outsourcing video saves your internal marketing team time, allowing them to focus on other initiatives while video experts handle the nitty-gritty aspects of production.

A video marketing agency will help you put together a plan to maximize the video marketing budget you have available. If you want to scale video production later on, they’ll also be able to help you do that in a cost-effective manner.

video marketing strategy guide

Your Video Journey is Just Getting Started

You know video is incredible, and you’re ready to rock this content: But where do you start? Many organizations get stuck in the weeds trying to plan a video marketing strategy. If you’re early on in your video journey, it’s worth enlisting an expert team to guide you through the process.

Video is a different beast than other types of content. It’s highly technical, intricate, and visual. There is nothing to hide behind with video content—when it goes wrong, it goes really, really, really wrong.

To create high-quality video, you’ll need the right equipment and software, as well as extra time and resources to manage the production process. Even a 90-second video can take weeks to produce, from ideation and scripting to shooting and editing.

Outsourcing video production is particularly important to consider if you need to produce a large volume of video content in a short amount of time, or if you need to create complex videos. Having experts by your side ensures the best use of your budget and the best output from your efforts.

Your Videos Aren’t Resonating With People

If your videos aren’t making an impact on your intended audience, it might be time to enlist some outside support. You’ll need to determine who your buyer persona is and what types of videos are going to resonate with them.

You have a lot of options when it comes to outsourcing video production, but it solely depends on the needs of your organization.

A B2B organization needs a video partner who grasps the fundamentals of B2B content marketing. Unlike B2C, where videos need to have mass appeal, video content in the B2B world must be created for a specific buyer who needs a specific solution at a specific stage of the buyer’s journey.

buyers journey stages

Outsourcing to a B2B-specialized video marketing agency is the surest path to success here. They’ll have experience and expertise in content marketing to produce videos that your customers and buyers will truly connect with.

Your Team is Uncomfortable on Camera

Your in-house subject matter experts are great at their jobs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be great on camera. You can’t just expect these internal resources to magically transform into professional actors.

The main issue with your team being uncomfortable on camera is that it makes the person watching the video uncomfortable too. If your SMEs are not confident on camera, your audience will lose confidence in them and start to doubt your organization.

The goal of your video marketing efforts is to present your thought leaders in the best possible light. An agency will work with SMEs to put them at ease and bring out the best aspects of their personalities on camera.

  • Pre-production: They’ll set SMEs up for success by providing a script outline or script so they can prepare.
  • Production: They’ll help SMEs look and sound their best with technical setup and capture multiple takes until they “get it right.”
  • Post-production: They’ll make SMEs shine in the video with professional editing and visuals.

Your Blog Isn’t Performing Well

If your blog isn’t generating the traffic and leads that you’d hoped for, it’s time to add videos to the mix.

Here’s a crazy one: Blog articles that contain at least one video generate 70% more organic traffic than those without any video. However, only 8% of blog posts contain video. There’s huge potential to step up your content marketing efforts by producing videos for your blog.

These two mediums complement each other perfectly—create a written piece from the video that you’re already recording. That way, you’re capturing thought leadership and spinning it into multiple pieces of content on various platforms.

It’s way more bang for your buck than producing a one-off blog. It makes your blog more dynamic since video provides a multi-media experience.

Again, outsourcing to a video marketing agency will be your best bet. They’ve produced tons of videos for blogs, so they will help you produce high-quality content that works for multiple channels while still being tailored for your intended audience.

Knowing how to create high volumes of high-quality video content will be a major differentiator for your organization. And, if you need help getting there, working with a video marketing agency is a great option.

Video marketing agencies know the ins and outs of video production, so they can transform even the most camera-shy teams into confident and effective communicators.

If you’re on a limited budget, you may think that you don’t have the resources to outsource your video production. But when you work with a video marketing agency, they will create more efficient processes and give you the strategic guidance you need to create content that converts.

In short, investing money in outsourcing video marketing is just that—an investment—and will help you see more results quicker than if you try to tackle everything on your own.

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