How to Find Your Next Worthy Video Topic [Cheat Sheet]

You’re rightfully hesitant to invest in certain video topics when there’s no ROI guarantee. Don’t leave anything to chance with these tried-and-true ideas.

The pressure is on when you’re brainstorming video topics. You have to figure out how to:

  • Distill complex concepts into an easy-to-understand format.
  • Cater to your target audience by addressing their wants and needs.
  • Stand out in a noisy digital landscape with fresh angles and approaches.
  • Align video content with your most important marketing objectives.
  • Stay on top of trends while making sure the topic doesn’t become outdated quickly.

That’s a lot already.

But the reason you’re finding it extra difficult to land on your next video topic is that video content is a big investment. Producing high-quality videos requires time, budget, and subject matter experts. You’re rightfully hesitant to invest resources in certain video topics when there’s no ROI guarantee.

Don’t leave anything to chance. Use some of these tried-and-true video topic ideas to increase the effectiveness of your marketing videos and the results of your campaigns.

Get More Bread and Butter

Your top-selling solution is your organization’s bread and butter. It tends to be an easy sell, which means you should leverage video marketing to sell even more of this solution.

This is the well that you keep coming back to whenever you’re searching for video topics. You know this topic is a sure thing, so any video content supporting it will be worth the time and effort to produce.

Now, over time, the bread-and-butter approach gets tricky because you’ve covered this topic extensively and you’re not sure what else to say. This is a good time to audit your topic-related content and see where you have gaps at various points in the buyer’s journey.

buyer's journey

You’ll have the highest frequency of content at the top of the funnel in the Awareness and Interest stages. If your marketing videos are only filling up these two buckets, then it’s time to create videos so you don’t alienate buyers in the Consideration and Decision stages.

So, tackle some case study videos and create a snazzy explainer video that demonstrates how your bread-and-butter solution helps others succeed and how it will help new buyers succeed as well.

Help Your Underdogs Win

Why do we all love a good underdog story? Because it gives us hope. Even the most unlikely hero can become a hero. But how do you turn the story around for your underdog solution?

If you think about your favorite underdog story, whether that’s a movie or a book, there’s always that part where the underdog has to work their ass off and prove themselves. In the business world, that means you need to position this solution as a winning one—even if it’s losing at the time.

Until now, you might have avoided investing in marketing videos about topics related to your underdog solution because you couldn’t justify the spend. The thing is, video is the undisputed champion of content because it is way more shareable and engaging.

Video continues to be a key player in driving business success. Marketers said videos by far have the highest ROI over any other media formats—including images, written blogs and case studies, audio-only podcasts, and infographics. Which is why your underdog needs marketing videos to help it win.

With these underdog video topics, concentrate on common and compelling use cases. By focusing on real problems that real people can relate to, buyers instantly recognize how your solution will help them sleep better at night. Even if they overlooked your solution before, now it will be difficult to ignore.

One-Up Your Competitors

Everyone (your competitors included) is doing content marketing, but video marketing is still very much an emerging trend. Even though more and more marketing leaders are seeing video’s potential, only half are actually getting after it by creating and sharing video content.

Which half are you? The one capitalizing on video’s potential, or not? What about your competitors?

There are a lot of different ways to use video content to one-up your competitors. One of the best ways to be strategic and selective with video topics is to see which of your competitor’s articles are ranking higher than yours for similar branded keywords, then come up with a game plan to overtake them.

Maybe you have an existing blog focused on these keyword targets, but your competitor is outranking you.

Focus on improving your rankings by improving the content with an embedded video. Including videos in blog articles helps decrease bounce rate and increase time on page, making your written content more interactive and strengthening your SEO content strategy along the way.

Promote a Gated Asset

Because video is time-intensive and costly to produce, you want to be efficient when planning video topics in the pre-production phase, and you want to see business results long after the video is produced.

So use video to promote a gated asset. Every call to action will point buyers to the form on your landing page, giving this video content a clear marketing objective while giving your audience a clear course of action.

Whether it’s a visually rich eBook or an exciting new research report, the grunt work has been done here for your video topic. You went all in with time and resources for this asset, and now you can repurpose this incredible content into multiple videos that continually promote it.

Bringing video into the mix will give this type of marketing campaign more flavor, which will earn your asset the attention it deserves from your audience. And you can rest a little easier about this particular video marketing investment because it directly correlates to your organization’s lead generation initiatives.

video topic cheat sheet

Speaking of promoting a gated asset, you should download our Video Topic Cheat Sheet. Today we walked through just a few of our favorite ways to find your next worthy video topic, but this cheat sheet has 23 strategic ideas you’re more than welcome to steal.

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