"We partnered with Superneat for their ability to distill complex technical concepts into positioning and messaging that resonated across our varied audiences."

To attract customers and investors for their new SaaS product, SkyPoint Cloud understood that a powerful website and valuable content would propel their startup forward. They needed a robust yet flexible content marketing strategy to launch their efforts and evolve with their vision.


A software startup has a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time. SkyPoint Cloud was excited to go public with its privacy-focused customer data platform, yet they were adamant about following content marketing best practices to make the best impression with their emerging product.

The SkyPoint leadership team made sure they had a simple website and short-form blog content to start driving immediate brand awareness. This content served as a jumping-off point. However, SkyPoint soon recognized that standing out in their crowded space required a more sophisticated presence.

Their product was moving and changing quickly, so SkyPoint’s content marketing efforts had to strike a balance between being both ambitious and adaptable. SkyPoint needed a strategy to ground their team while firmly putting their brand on the map.

“Our platform expands across a variety of use cases and industries. We needed a marketing partner to work alongside us to tell our evolving story as we continued to develop the product and its capabilities.”


An informative and interactive website would serve as the epicenter of SkyPoint Cloud’s emerging presence. Superneat audited the competition and discovered a way to stand out with a bright people-focused design and messaging approach.

Superneat is always on the hunt for messaging differentiators, especially with tech-forward organizations. In-depth interviews with SkyPoint customers and team members revealed that their platform was doing much more than connecting siloed data…it was connecting siloed people.

Side-by-side with messaging and website development, a handful of blogs were produced to roll out with the timing of the website launch. Previous blogs were enhanced or replaced to make room for high-value resources that were search-optimized and in line with product and customer initiatives.

SkyPoint’s refined content marketing strategy was live within 90 days. The leadership team was stunned by the amount of progress made in such a short period of time. The website turned heads, bringing an influx of leads and investment opportunities.

“This past year has been such a critical time for SkyPoint. Thank goodness we’ve had the Superneat team by our side. They really helped us get our product out into the world.”


Since this marketing partnership began in mid-2020, Superneat has advanced SkyPoint Cloud’s content strategy and performed several website iterations to align with their rapidly evolving product.

In less than six months, this new SaaS product doubled website traffic and reached its first major funding milestone of $2.5M. Since content marketing is taken care of by Superneat, the SkyPoint team focuses on providing a leading edge solution and exponentially growing their business.


Doubled website traffic


Total ranking keywords


Major funding milestone

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