“Superneat did a phenomenal job building the brand presence we were looking for. I feel confident and proud when directing prospects and clients to our website.”

To attract enterprise clients for their new Power BI consulting firm, Collectiv knew sharing their technical expertise on an impressive website was the surest way to establish credibility. They needed a strong content presence and a website that maximized search and lead opportunities.


Being the new Power BI consulting and strategy firm on the block, Collectiv wanted to gain serious traction with their website. Brand positioning and thought leadership were key factors in building quick credibility with enterprise prospects. Case studies were another must-have, as this customer-focused content would help validate their services.

Collectiv consultants managed to publish a few sporadic blogs, but bandwidth was an understandable roadblock as they were focused entirely on building their firm. Content marketing was a top priority, just not a priority their team could maintain.

To win enterprise attention, their website had to “look the part” and demonstrate the impact of their talented team and industry-leading programs. Their content strategy had to be aligned and airtight as well. Because Power BI is a complex world, the challenge was finding a marketing partner who could fully support and execute their vision.

“Superneat has done an awesome job diving deep into Collectiv’s brand, audience, and network to produce valuable content that empowers our vision.”


Since gaining traction was so critical for Collectiv, Superneat did a quick turnaround project to bring quick wins. This content marketing medley involved concurrently creating their brand voice and positioning, upgrading the website user experience (UX), and developing a small batch of blog content.

Superneat actually paused the project after recognizing the existing one-page WIX website wouldn’t support Collectiv’s long-term content vision or attract enterprise leads. Collectiv agreed to elevate their website and move to WordPress.

Superneat rebuilt the website design language and navigation to better align with Collectiv’s goals, serving as a true foundation for the content they were starting to invest in. Within six months of launching the new website and Superneat taking over the blog, that investment paid off with organic traffic, lead form submissions, and featured snippets.

Featured snippets are highly coveted by large organizations and Collectiv landed featured snippets for multiple search queries. For a brand new consulting firm to come out of nowhere and land “Position 0”…it’s not just exciting, it’s unheard of.

“On our blog, they excel at incorporating a wide range of guests, from industry thought leaders to Collectiv’s consultants and clients. Over the past two years, I’ve been grateful to work with Superneat.”


Since this marketing partnership began in late 2019, Superneat has led Collectiv’s content strategy and built two robust websites.

Within six months, their website traffic doubled and now their website traffic has increased by 10x. The Collectiv team stays laser-focused on exceptional work and business growth, while Superneat keeps their strong content presence on track.


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