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Project Recap:

Blog Campaign and Social Media Strategy for RFPIO

RFPIO needed ongoing support for blog campaigns and social media to expand reach and engagement. Using data and customer research, the Superneat team ran blog campaigns that educated responders about better processes and technology opportunities.

Client Goals

RFPIO is a collaborative response management platform that streamlines business proposal efforts for organizations globally. Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, RFPIO uses its dynamic answer library, AI capabilities, and patented import technology to improve processes for responders managing RFPs, security questionnaires, SOWs, grants, and other business queries.

RFPIO needed ongoing support for blog campaigns and social media to expand reach and engagement. Since the RFPIO team is passionate about positively impacting the proposal management industry, they wanted to consistently produce resources to educate prospects and customers with techniques and best practices related to their product and expertise.

They engaged Superneat Marketing to run blog campaigns that educated responders about better processes supported by proposal management software like RFPIO.

blog campaign for RFPIO


Superneat Marketing developed and executed a blog campaign strategy that highlighted the expertise of the RFPIO team while providing educational value to their audience of responders.

Superneat collaborated with RFPIO to develop personas. Persona development included a brainstorming exercise with team members from various departments and an internal survey to gather direct feedback from existing customers.

Using these buyer persona foundations—in combination with the large-scale marketing plan and overarching SEO strategy provided by the RFPIO marketing team—Superneat researched niche topics through keyword exploration, Google Analytics insights, and survey data analysis.

Pillar posts and supporting blogs, ebooks and infographics, internal subject matter expert and guest contributor interviews were produced based on these findings. One such theme was content produced around the RFP executive summary topic, which evolved into a comprehensive eBook guide for RFP responders.

Responders frequently search for help on content creation in their space—and executive summaries are a common source of confusion. Superneat created two blogs around this topic, including a how-to infographic that served as a visual and actionable template.

Because of SEO strategy and content quality, RFPIO holds rank in several highly coveted “featured snippets” and “image packs” in Google search results. These Google search results are also known as “Position 0” or the elusive “top of the first page.”

Superneat and RFPIO have collaborated on blog campaigns since the product first launched in 2016. Nearly 150 blog posts later, RFPIO has become a leading response management platform and a top resource for responders. Throughout their growth journey, RFPIO has stayed true to their commitment to customer success with quality, educational content.

“Superneat goes above and beyond to come up with great new ideas for blog content. We repeatedly hear from customers and prospects that our blogs helped them find RFPIO and better understand how RFP automation software can add value. We wholeheartedly recommend Superneat to any organization looking for outstanding content strategy."

– Ganesh Shankar, CEO


Blog Campaign + Content

  • 150+ blog posts
  • Quarterly blog campaign strategy
  • Keyword research and blog topic discovery
  • Blog copywriting and editing
  • On-page SEO for blog content
  • Persona development
  • Client survey
  • Interview RFPIO and industry SMEs
  • eBook writing and editing
  • Infographic creation

Social Media + Distribution

  • Custom editorial calendar
  • Social media engagement strategy
  • WordPress blog content publishing 
  • Create and publish social media content
  • Manage audience and engagement: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

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